Everyone tells you to ‘find your purpose’ but how do you do that?
Although most of the people that I know are relatively satisfied with their current jobs, many are struggling to figure out their purpose and identify what their “dream job” might be. Sound familiar?

These questions are designed to help you connect the dots between your interests and your experience and get you closer to realising your purpose—which should be the driving force behind your dream career.

What Are Your Intrinsic Strengths?
Taking time to analyse your unique, positive attributes will help you identify the job or industry that will be most fulfilling and rewarding for you. Think about the skills and traits that you’ve been most complimented on, the times you’ve stood out in school, or in your career, and the situations in which you’ve been considered a leader.

What Interests Would You Like to Explore?
Start by considering activities that make you smile, laugh, and feel most fulfilled—including activities you may have enjoyed when you were younger. In addition, remind yourself of the skills you’ve always wanted to learn. These could be educational, creative, or even athletic—such as taking an improv class, learning Spanish, photography, coding, or surfing.

What Can You Contribute to The World?
Finding your purpose means finding work that is meaningful to you, of course, but it also means identifying work that impacts the world in some way. What change would you like to see in your community, or in the world? Are there any non-profits that you could get involved with? How could you use your voice, skills, or expertise to help other people?

It takes time to find it—so be patient and continue soul-searching. Keep learning, sharing, reading, and exploring—and I promise, your purpose will reveal itself!


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