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To maximise your time and efficiency

Today’s women are CEO’s of tech companies; they are starring in their own TV shows; and they are managing directors at investment banks. Time management and “on the go” have become increasingly important, with our smartphones at the centre.

Below are 5 great apps to help streamline and improve your life:

  1. Dropbox:

If there is a great way of sharing files, documents, photographs and presentations, then Dropbox it is!! It marks the end of an era where sharing meant cumbersome attachments and mailers. I prefer it as it is also available offline, it also allows you to save your work offline and syncs and shares automatically whenever you find a connection. I find it easy to use as we can directly open files in word and excel format.

  1. Levo Resume:

Why use Word when you can use a beautifully designed app to write your resume instead? Levo Resume syncs with LinkedIn, and provides you with tons of resume-building and career advice. You can create your resume straight on the app, and then download it as a PDF to email or share it. Simple.

  1. Nike Training Club:

We’re not all going to make it to the gym or yoga class every day. Maybe not even every other day. And you know what? That’s OK. But if you’re feeling like you want to do something quick, but effective, at home — this app is for you. There are tons of workouts with step-by-step instructions and videos showing you exactly how to do each move. And it hurts so good. Oh, and it’s a female fitness community. Which is the ~best~ kind.

  1. Flipboard:

It puts the news you’re most passionate about in one easy-to-see location. When you download the app, you can select the types of stories you’re most interested in and Flipboard will curate “magazines” of up-to-date news for you based on your interests. It’s a great way to both organize your news as well stay informed on the things you’re most interested in.

  1. Duolingo:

Want to check “learn a new language” off your bucket list? Duolingo is for you, it’s free, easy-to-use, and gamifies learning a new language. Will Candy Crush teach you German? Probably not. Duolingo makes learning a language fun and approachable, and it’ll be your new favourite “time waster.” (If you consider learning a lifelong skill a waste of time.)


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