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Do you easily forget things on your way out the door? Keep them at the office and you won’t have to worry.

  1. Food

If you’re under the pump at work and don’t have a spare moment to run to the café, you’re going to regret not bringing snacks. Or alternatively, sometimes you just want a snack at work, am I right? Most people would already be following the golden rule of stashing food in your bottom drawer at work, with the most popular option being a granola bar; singular wrapped food items are a winner for work.

  1. A small Pharmacy

When I say pharmacy, I mean an emergency kit. Your work emergency kit should consist of tampons, Band-Aids, spare contact lenses, stain remover and food, if your food stash fails you. If you’re prone to headaches at the office, some pain relief tablets could be helpful…just double check they won’t leave you too drowsy to meet clients.

  1. Deodorant

This should be obvious. As much as your deodorant probably says it lasts for 48 hours, the person at the desk next to you will be able to tell you it doesn’t. Don’t be that person in the office, and don’t forget emergency deodorant.

  1. Grooming items

When I say grooming items, I don’t mean you need to pamper yourself while at work. But having a spare mascara or lipstick on hand can help you out if after work drinks are suggested. Something as simple as a comb can help you out if an important client drops by.

  1. Dress ups or Dress downs

This is vital for your comfort at the office and your professional presentation at meetings. If you are a heels girl, keep a pair of flats by your desk for comfort, and if you’re a flats girl, a spare pair of heels won’t go astray if you’ve got to walk into a meeting you didn’t know was on. This is the same for your outer layer. A blazer will immediately increase your outward sense of professionalism. Keeping a jumper close at hand will also extricate you from the air conditioner battle in the office.



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