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Looking to stand out from the crowd

It can be tiresome spending day after day applying for jobs and hearing nothing back in return. With many companies using complex algorithms and applicant tracking systems to weed out the less qualified applicants, it can be hard to get your resume past the filters. We have complied 5 non-traditional ways to help get your next job, or at the very least your resume in front of the right person.

  1. Hack the algorithm

Before applying, take a close look at the job description and make sure you use keywords from the desired skills and qualifications sections, don’t just copy and paste just in case it does end up being read by an actual human. You’ll all want to avoid formatting faux-pas that will quickly to get you eliminated.

  1. Create your position

Don’t just wait around for your dream job to open. Study the industry or field and find a company or two that you’d like to work for. Then figure out their challenges through relationships or public information. With this, you can craft a solution for them that you can share directly or publicly via social media. The concept here is to get noticed through offering a solution to help them with no expectation of anything in return

  1. Connect with your future employer

Find a way to connect, so you are not just another name in a pile of applicants. It can be as quirky as sending an empty coffee cup with the message ‘when are we going to meet for coffee’ or using your future boss’s love of sticky notes to create a mock up of his office wall covered in your skills.

  1. Create a website

Normally a portfolio is a must for those seeking a creative role, but it is a great way to showcase your skills such as coding, marketing, design, atypical thinking. If you can successfully and creatively sell yourself then your employer may be inclined to think what creative and different ways you can benefit the company.

  1. Tailor your resume to fit your desired position

One way you can use your resume to stand out from the pack — is by turning it into a creative project. You need to display a sense of fun and creativity while at the same time showing that you’re a smart, dedicated worker who takes their job seriously. You can create a snapchat filter set to their headquarters, if you’re a google analytics pro create it to look just like that. turn it into an infographic, a game or an ad that looks like it could belong on the company’s website.




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