Working Mothers


Because being a mum is a full-time job


The fact is mums, by necessity, acquire and perfect a whole barrage of highly employable skills and qualities, none of which are usually acknowledged, let alone broadcasted to the world.

Below are 5 skills all mothers have but often forget to add to their CV’s

Time Management

Juggling appointments, afterschool activities, playdates and running a house requires your time management skills to be on point. Employers crave employees that can maximise and manage their time efficiently and effectively in this way.


When called for you need to have difficult conversations with nursery assistants, teachers, and occasionally other children (and possibly their parents). Not to mention conveying to your own children what you want or need them to do. Your conversations need to be effective but sympathetic, and as positive as possible – even if it’s the last thing you feel at the time. It also needs to be in language your audience will understand, whatever their age.

Ability to influence

As a parent, you need to ensure your children do what they want – and make it seem like it was their idea in the first place. This skill is highly valued as who wouldn’t want a persuasive influencer on their team.

People management skills

No colleague or employee can ever be as unpredictable or unreasonable as a child having a tantrum. Once you’ve been a mum, managing a team of adults will be a walk in the park! As well as negotiating with stubborn toddlers and mediating between fights, mums also need to teach their children to get on with others and set the right example in their own relationships with others.

Mentoring experience

Tutoring and nurturing someone with less experience than you are things that mums do daily. You need to understand your children’s current capabilities, listen to their needs, and patiently teach and guide them as their skill set and knowledge slowly grows.



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