5 tips on getting HR to call you for an interview

With the number of people joining the workforce each and every year increasing, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. These days, applying for jobs is pretty easy. All you have to do is to log onto a job portal and you will be able to see all the listings quite easily. The problem is that most of the employers will not call you for the interview unless and until they are impressed by your resume or by your application. That is why you have to follow a few simple tips which will actually help you in getting those interview calls rather than just going on applying for the jobs.

  1. Conducting research on the company:

You have to always conduct research on the company before applying. You have to modify your resume accordingly. When you are able to showcase your skills which match with the requirement of the company perfectly, there are much higher chances that the company will call you for the interview. All you need to do is to just go to the website of the company and check the about us page. Once you are able to do that, you have to look at the skills which they are requiring in the candidate. Accordingly, you have to showcase your skills in the resume.

  1. Opting for resume design:

Instead of just creating your resume in the Word document, it is a good idea to opt for a proper professional resume design. At the most, it will cost you around $ 50. With the help of proper resume design, the chances of getting the interview call increase exponentially. This is the reason why you have to think about investing in the resume design.

  1. Keep your resume relevant:

You have to understand the kind of skills which the company needs. Accordingly, you have to keep your resume relevant. You have to add only the most relevant experience and skills. When you are able to do that, automatically it will become easier for you to back the job.

  1. Create a video resume:

If you want to grab the attention of the hiring manager, you have to create a video resume. With the help of video resume, you can easily not just get the HR to look at your resume but also get that interview call. You can mention the link for the same in your resume.

  1. Highlight your career as a case study:

You can write a case study depending on your experiences and the problems which you have faced in the past. You can mention it in a short concise paragraph in your resume. This will definitely get you the eyeballs as well as the interview call.

Thus, if you’re not able to get interview calls for the jobs which you have applied for, it is important to follow these 5 simple tips. With the help of 5 simple tips, you will be able to certainly get the job interview calls and crack them.



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