Weekend Hacks for Working Mothers

For the sake of your sanity, just say no

If you are a working mom, then you know the weekends can feel like hell. You reach the end of the day Friday, thrilled that the weekend is finally here, and you can enjoy it … only to rush around like a certifiably insane person and do nothing even close to relaxing.

Sure, Saturday and Sunday may be your only time to get things done, but life isn’t supposed to be a never-ending to-do list and no play! You’ve got to strategically shed some of these crazy commitments below to have a weekend worth of wonderful memories and sleep—sweet, sweet sleep. Well, sort of. You do still have children …

  1. Excessive extracurricular activities

Keep your kids extracurricular down to a minimum, and make sure it’s something they are passionate about. How can they excel at anything if they are stretched as thin as you?

  1. Deep cleaning your house

If you can afford it, pay someone else to do it once or twice a month. If not try and start on a Friday night and make sure the husband and kids are doing their fair share too.

  1. Grocery shopping

Try to fit this in after work or during your lunch break. That way you’ll avoid the crowds and over picked produce.

  1. Inordinate do-gooding

You don’t have to say yes to volunteering at every community event. Learn to say no, learn to say no well, and only say yes to those causes nearest and dearest to your heart.

  1. Saying yes to every invite

There are some invites you must say yes to but if you don’t know them that well, it’s ok to say no. If they don’t know you that well, all they are after is the gift, so send it and leave the weekend free for the family.

  1. Running errands

Try to pick up dry cleaning, parcels contacts etc. during your lunch breaks. if you can’t, send someone you trust. Don’t push every errand under the sun onto Saturday and Sunday

  1. Half-hearted dates

Don’t feel obliged to go out for drinks with friends that don’t make you truly happy. Same applies to single mothers and dating. If you’re not genuinely excited or actively trying to get back into the dating game, make it a lunch date if you feel compelled to go. You can say no!




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