Working Women: women committed to helping other women get ahead in the workplace.

Who We Are
The team at Working Women are a diverse force, encompassing a wide range of backgrounds and a wealth of experience. With contributors from all levels of the workforce, we provide the best advice from real women in the workplace. Our team has experience in media, marketing, design, education, fashion and beyond, so there’s no shortage of knowledge for you to draw upon. We strive to be a group of innovators, game-changers, and women who inspire other women, always with only your best interests at heart.

Our Goal
At Working Women, we are committed to helping women get ahead in the workplace. Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for a while and are looking to get back in, or if you’re ready to take the next big step in your career, we want to help. We know that in the contemporary workplace, the connections you make outside the office are just as important as the ones you make 9 to 5. To help you create and develop your networks, we’ve created a forum where women can have their voices heard, share tips about the workplace, ask questions, and give advice to other women in real time. We’re here to help you connect, collaborate, and create the ideal workplace for women in Australia.

What We Do
We’re your go-to hub for all things work related. Whether you’re looking for advice on applying for jobs, help in developing and advancing your career, or tips on managing a work / life balance, our forum is where you’ll find other women who can advise, help, and share their experiences. To access our forum, you must register with us on our Facebook page (Working Women to ensure that we’re connecting like-minded women looking to establish and grow a community. As well as a host of thoughtful, informative articles addressing these same issues, we also play host to a job board of open positions around Australia, keeping you informed and connected to new job openings in your industry. Through our network, you’ll be able to find all the tips you need to apply for your next job, with vacant positions posted in real-time. We’ve also taken the stress out of learning about a new company and potential employer, giving you the lowdown on company culture and business talent pools right across Australia.