How anxiety can affect your work life

Approximately one in every nine employees will suffer from anxiety at one point in their life. (psychology today) Two thirds of people don’t seek help and the anxiety can impact their levels of productivity and make work life a hell of a lot harder.

Most of us get anxious or experience anxiety on a small scale- whether you’re gearing up to present to a client and your palms are a little sweaty, or your heart is beating faster than it should. These symptoms can be switched on 24 hours for people suffering from severe anxiety. Often at work you can start dreading additional stress before you even know what you are stressing about.

Struggling to breath and fidgeting are signs of anxiety, which can lead to panic attacks. When regular panic attacks are occurring, it’s time to make a change…like, yesterday.

Often anxiety runs in the family, but changing up your situation or figuring out what’s triggering your panic attacks can go a long way in ensuring you stay as anxiety free as possible.

Work is a big factor in stress and often in the workplace it can be a combination of long hours, demanding bosses, big workloads and a lack of direction will see your breathing speed up. High demanding jobs with low control or rewards are big culprits for anxiety (psychology today) and can put your mental health at risk.

Perception plays a big role in an employee’s inclination to seek help, but taking a step back or even having time off could be a vital step in ensuring your long-term mental health. Check out your company’s employee policy for mental health and don’t ignore anxiety.

Please click HERE for the Beyond Blue website if you are experiencing anxiety and would like help.



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