These apps might not do the dinner or school pick-up, but they’ll make it easier


Working women are no strangers to stress. We juggle a multitude of tasks each day, rendering us into tightly strung balls of anxiety. This is not an advice column, and I’m not going to tell you to have a bubble bath or get a massage to ease your woes, because you probably don’t have the time. But, we have have cottoned on to a few apps that can help decrease your stress.


Stress Tracker app

We all know when we are stressed, but do we know what’s stressing us out the most? With Stress Tracker app you can track yourself over time and analyse trends to decipher what you are most stressed about. The long term goal is to figure out your major stresses and make changes to those aspects of your life to create a positive change.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

It’s not a mystery that sleep can affect your mental health and your mood throughout the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll inevitably have to drag yourself out of bed and resent anyone who isn’t as miserable as you. Never fear, sleep tracker is here! Waking up at certain times can also affect your outlook on the day. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock uses the microphone on your phone to track your breathing throughout the night. It tracks your quality of sleep, the duration of your sleep and wakes you up during your light sleep phase, it will make you feel less groggy and ready for the day.

Pocket Yoga

If you’re on a tight schedule or can’t make it to the gym. Pocket Yoga could be the answer, not only will you feel better and clearer headed after a session. It includes video and audio and has different routines for different skill levels. Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath and get your Pocket Yoga out.


If the name didn’t already give it away- this app is meant to boost the users level of happiness. The app is consists of various games and activities that have been scientifically tested. The app has ‘happiness tracks’ with featured categories like ‘savour the small stuff’ and ‘be more socially connected’- these assist you in reaching a personal goal.


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