Venture capitalists invest $1.46 billion in women-led companies every year. Want a piece of the pie?

Unfortunately only 5% of start-ups are owned by women. There are many reasons for this, both personal and cultural, but there is certainly an issue surrounding women’s confidence when being adventurous with their careers.

Being an entrepreneur is more than simply having a good idea. It is a multi-faceted career path. It requires a diverse set of skills. It’s time to ask yourself whether you’ve got the right stuff.

  • Do you have foresight?
    Having realistic expectations of growth is incredibly important when starting your own venture. In fact, research suggests women are more likely to reinvest business profit in order to generate steady and profitable growth, whereas men go for faster growth. No big surprises there. Are you the kind of person who sticks to their goals and is willing to sacrifice for long-lasting and sustainable growth?
  • Are you an effective communicator?
    It’s all well and good to have a fantastic idea and a killer strategy, but if your team is in the dark about what you want you’re going to struggle to succeed. If you are an effective communicator, you’re a head of the crowd already. We all know plenty of business leaders who could take a lesson or two on communication.
  • Are you able to ask for help?
    When most people think of an entrepreneur they imagine a self-confident person who jumps into opportunity full-steam ahead. Well, that might be the case for some, it’s not always a very productive strategy. Having the skill to understand when you need help and having the ability to actually ask for it is actually quite rare in leaders. When beginning a start-up, it is so important to understand your weaknesses and when you need advice from others. This is what turns mediocre entrepreneurs into brilliant leaders.

So, are you ready to become your own boss?



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