Are You Being Taken Advantage Of At Work?


Recognising the signs and learning how to solve the issue

Unfortunately, being taken advantage of at work is an all too common experience, particularly for women. Recognising when it’s happening can be tricky, though, as can knowing what to do when you realise what’s going on.

Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage Of

There can be plenty of big, obvious signs you’re being taken advantage of, but if you’re trying to work your way up the ladder, it might just seem like what you have to do. Here are some of the most obvious signs your boss is exploiting you:

  1. You’re constantly working overtime (without being paid for it)
  2. You’re juggling multiple jobs (without being paid for it)
  3. Your boss is treating you like a personal assistant (when that isn’t your job)
  4. Your boss is taking recognition for your work

The signs can also be subtler, too, and are worth looking out for:

  1. You’re expected to respond to emails/texts outside of working hours
  2. Your boss won’t openly acknowledge your contributions
  3. You end up organising all the “extra” activities (like workplace parties)
  4. You’ve felt compelled into taking on more little responsibilities

What To Do About It

The obvious solution is that you have to have a conversation with your boss, but we have some tips to how to prepare:

  1. Go in prepared — have a list of what the issues are ready to go
  2. Try and remain unemotional — having a level-head means your boss will take you more seriously
  3. Be realistic — this applies to both your expectations and what the reality of the situation should be; if you’re working two jobs, the reality is your pay should reflect that
  4. Stand your ground — don’t let your boss talk you down and maintain the power imbalance



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