Work Christmas Party


The worldwide phenomenon of confused men

It’s time for the work Christmas party, but one gender is confused on the protocol: men.

The New York Times explored men’s ‘confusion’ on the conversation of workplace harassment. The article details that Christmas is a ‘confusing season for America’s working men’. The piece reflects on men’s constant worry of making a wrong move or doing something that could have consequences.

Christmas parties are big in Australia but the annual holiday party has become a massive debacle, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many are calling to ‘Cancel the holiday party’ until there is a conclusion on how men and women should interact at such functions.

Kristine Ziwica, an Australian freelance writer for Women’s Agenda, has called out the ‘confused’ men.

“It reinforces the idea that this stuff is really terribly confusing. It gives weight to the suggestion that perpetrators can stumble into harassment and assault accidentally, in a kind of confused fog.”

 The conversation itself is unnecessary and goes to show that the entire structure of gender roles needs to be pulled down in order to be re-built.








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