With every new job, you need to articulate your strengths and weaknesses

The importance of learning how to describe yourself starts at the very beginning of any job application process. Instead of randomly picking adjectives that sound impressive, think about the specific job, industry, requirements, and what skills might be important to perform well. These are a few we deem essential and underrated.

Creative Problem Solver: add this on if you’re good at getting unstuck. Generating solutions to problems can be just as important as doing a job well in the first place.

Dynamic Speaker: job seekers applying to lead large sales teams, or in a public relations role should include this on their résumés. Public speaking is difficult for many people. If you love doing it and are good at it, you can make yourself look like an even better hire.

Tough Negotiator: point this out if you are looking for a job in sales. You may assume it’s a foregone conclusion, but there are plenty of people who are too embarrassed to ask for what they want.


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