The state of female mentorship is evolving before our eyes.

While the gender of your mentor may not seem relevant for many issues in the world of business, it certainly shouldn’t be discounted entirely.

A mentor can become a central figure for any entrepreneur or businesswoman. This is someone that you will confide in, look up to, and celebrate achievements with, but most importantly this person will share with you important tools they’ve learned during their time in their respective field. And so we have to acknowledge that the experience of women in many workplaces is quite different to that of their male counterparts. A woman in the workplace may require different tools than what a male mentor can possibly offer.

So now we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is that there aren’t enough female mentors to currently support the next wave of young female professionals. Around half of young female entrepreneurs have stated that they have struggled to find appropriate female mentorship. It is important for more women in leadership and senior positions to reach out to younger women. But while the numbers are still not on our side, it is vital to create communities of mentorship; laying down a strong foundation of support for young women.

That is what Working Women is all about. The act of reaching out to another for support and finding someone reaching back is an uplifting experience. We have an engaging community that gives that to women on all rungs of the workplace ladder. And it will only grow.


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