Finding the Right Workplace


There is a myth that finding a company that is family-friendly is as possible as stumbling upon a unicorn, but that’s not the case. Every year more and more businesses are realising the importance of having inclusive workspaces. Parents re-entering the workforce are a huge untapped resource that companies are finally waking up to. Whether you’re looking for a place that has great parental leave, job share options, or a flexible work environment, we’ve collected a few of the best.

Commonwealth Bank

Not only do they offer a flexible work environment for several positions, whether it be job sharing or working from home, but they also offer priority placement for children of staff in their nominated childcare centres.

Red Balloon

Founded by Naomi Simson, a mother of two, this company allows its employees a fantastic range of freedom. If you need flexible work hours or a work from home option, this company could be the perfect fit.


It’s great to see another big Australian bank that sees the value in parents reentering the workforce. They have flexible work hours as well as job sharing options available to staff. Not only that, they also have 13 weeks paid parental leave.

Ernst & Young

This is one of the few companies that have equal access to parental leave. As long as you are the primary carer you are provided with 14 weeks of parental leave after 1-5 years of service or18 weeks after 5 years of service.

These are just a few companies out there that are an option for parents reentering the workforce, but there are more out there, you just have to look.



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