Tidy Desk

The etiquette rules we should all be following


Workplace etiquette is always important; don’t eat someone else’s food, never leave the printer jammed or without paper, be mindful of the noise you’re making. It can make or break a workplace relationship, can really impact on the whole dynamic of an office, and can halt workflow in its tracks. Throw an open-plan office into the mix and you have a whole host of new issues. Whether you’ve worked in an open-plan office and just want a refresher or you’re making the move to a new office space, we’ve got the down-low on everything to know about working in an open-plan office.

1. Keep It Tidy

Chances are that you don’t want to look at someone’s mess, and they don’t want to be looking at yours. Keep your desk tidy and definitely keep it hygienic — week-old coffee cups don’t make for happy workmates.

2. Don’t Come To Work Sick

An open-plan office can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so if you’re sick, take the day off. Work from home if need be but don’t bring it into the office.

3. Remember All The Senses

Keeping the area clean and quiet might come naturally, but don’t forget smells. Consider leaving your pungent perfume for nights out, lest you irritate or offend someone.

4. Be Considerate and Tolerant

Working in an open space means you’re likely to engage with your colleagues more, so be open and tolerant to their ideas, and considerate of their opinions.

5. Make The Most Of It

Working in an open office means more and better chances to collaborate, better time to bond and communicate, and more of a chance to build rapport. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve both your network and your work ethic.



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