The Best Midweek Breakfasts


What to eat to keep you full and focused until lunchtime

Finding time for a healthy, nourishing breakfast might seem like a challenge, but there are plenty of benefits to eating right first thing in the morning. But while it can be hard to think about just what you should be eating when your alarm goes off, there are a few staple recipes you should add to your repertoire to make sure you’re never hungry by 10AM again.

Overnight Oats

The busy woman’s bircher muesli, overnight oats are a great option for breakfast, made even better by the fact you make them in less than five minutes the night before, so all you have to do come morning is get the jar out of the fridge. Simply mix 1/2 cup of oats with 3/4 cup of milk in a jar and add fruit of your choice. Blueberries and a dash of vanilla works well, or you could mash up some banana and stir in some raspberries. Keep the mixture in your fridge overnight and you’ll have a balanced breakfast waiting for you by morning.


Smoothies are another great option because you can drink them on the go, and you can get a great injection of your daily fruit and vegetable requirements. Start with a liquid base, like yoghurt or milk, then a solid base of a creamy fruit like banana. After that, it’s up to you – add whatever fruit you like, and a handful of spinach never goes astray to add extra fibre and iron. Just make sure to counter the taste of the spinach with enough sweetness from fruit or honey.

Toast With Toppings

If you’re more of a traditionalist at breakfast time, toast might be more your style. Opt for wholegrain bread as a base, then choose toppings that are filled with protein and healthy fats. Peanut butter and banana makes for a great sweet option with plenty of protein to keep you full, while everyone’s favourite avocado will load you up on healthy fats.


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