How can my brilliance be captured in a one-page resume?


How to keep your CV short, sharp and relevant

Finding a new job can be difficult but it helps if you have a tight CV, with relevant experience and shows the employer who you are. Your resume should fit on a single page, for those of you who are new to the workforce or have only had a handful of jobs. Pouring your experience onto a second page should only be done when you have 10+ years of experience in the industry (

Making room for the necessary content isn’t hard. Cut your objective. Employers have mixed responses. While some find it helpful most see it as a waste of space. Make your name smaller where possible. It doesn’t need to outshine everything else on the page. Only use relevant experience, I can’t stress this enough. Including every kind of work you’ve ever done will lengthen your CV immensely and make it harder for employers to single out the experience that counts. Cut repetitive bullet points and always be concise!




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