De-stress this Christmas

Put your feet up and have a Merry Christmas.

Christmas is at our doorstep and for most working women we only get a week off. It’s now time to juggle family time, Christmas organising and festive activities all at once. Here are a few ways to have a more relaxing Christmas.

1.Find Time for Yourself

This is first because it’s the most important. Finding time for yourself doesn’t mean stressing out and trying to do everything by yourself, it means making yourself a hot chocolate and curling with a book or Netflix. Even if it’s one night over your Christmas break, make the effort to spend some time on self-care. 


Many women this Christmas are simultaneously hosting Christmas, buying presents for their entire families and making sure it’s the most wonderful time of year for their little ones. You don’t need to do everything. Get your family to help out and bring a plate of food on the day. Get everyone to pitch in, you can even get the kids in the family to decorate, it’ll take time off your hands and they’ll love the task2

3.Enjoy It!

Make sure everything you do this Christmas, you enjoy. Have a fun Christmas and try to direct tasks and activities that you find entertaining. Chances are the whole family will have fun and you will find yourself bending-over-backwards a little less. It’s the small victories that make a successful and stress-free Christmas.



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