Dress to Impress (Image Source: Citizens Mark)


5 tips on how to stand out visually at your next job interview

Job interviews are stressful enough without the added pressure of what to wear. For mothers retuning back to work, it’s even harder as you have spent the last few years covered in sick, playdoh and juice.

Here are 5 tips to help you stand out at your next interview:

  1. Play with Tone

Somewhere along the line, we where told that black and white were the colours of choice when attending an interview. While they are smart and sleek, you do run the risk of blending into the sea of faces. Try mixing it up with grey, navy or camel. For a real impact try various shades of one tone.

  1. Popping Colour

Colour is a sure-fire way to add flair to an otherwise innocuous outfit. Try a dramatic print or a statement top. If bold or bright colour are too intimidating, try a pastel shade for a more muted and understated look.

  1. Print it up

Prints are an easy way to add a bit of personality, if the idea of adding colour is a little too daunting. Strips and spots are always a hit, as are duo chromatic florals and the trending marble effect.

  1. Bold Shoes

If your industry requires are more conservative dress, pick a bolder shoe colour. Try a blue or a green. For those brave soles, try a daring red, this will help bring life to an otherwise safe outfit.

  1. Accessorise

Accessories are a great way to bring a bit more personality to an outfit. For an interview one or two pieces is enough, any more and you might send the wrong impression. Try an eye-catching brooch or a ring on your dominant hand.




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