Asking for a pay rise


When is the right time to have a tough conversation with your boss?

Asking for a raise is never an easy task; it’s easy to feel like you don’t have the right to be asking for more money, or that you might do your reputation around the office some damage. But knowing your worth is vital both to your self-esteem and the quality of work you’re putting out. If you think it’s time to ask for a salary increase, read on to check that you’re in the right position to be scheduling a meeting with your boss.

  1. You Can Prove Your Worth
    Companies aren’t likely to hand our salary increases without good reason. If you know that you’ve earned the extra money through your hard work, dedication to the job, and company revenue, then make sure you have the evidence to prove your point. Before approaching your boss, put together a pitch that highlights your work ethic and how much you’ve brought to the company thus far.
  2. You Have A (Confirmed) Counter Offer
    Having another job offer on hand is a great reason to ask your current boss for a pay increase, but don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched. If you have another job offer that is going to give you the salary you’re after but you’re not sure you want to make the jump, it’s a great time to talk to your boss. Just make sure that you have the other job offer confirmed and in writing so you don’t risk losing both jobs.
  3. You Know You’re Taking On More
    If your day-to-day responsibilities in the office have grown, your salary should, too. If your boss has started to trust you with more tasks that are outside what your original position entailed, explain to your boss that this extra work should be compensated with extra pay, rather than overworking yourself for no reward.


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