The do’s and don’ts of searching while employed

Job hunting when working full time can be stressful and can easily eat away at what little relaxation time you have. It’s essentially another full-time job. Also, you must keep the fact you’re looking for a new job away from your boss. They may find your replacement before you’re ready to leave.

If you’re struggling to find spare time outside your 40-hour work week for browsing through position openings and crafting just the right applications. Try these helpful tips for making the most out of your busy schedule

Schedule your time

Block out time when you are most productive for your search. Break it up into the different areas. At the beginning of your search, collate all your personal information in one place to make applying using online applications a breeze. Update your resume, even prepare a few different versions of your resume and cover letter depending on the scope of your search.

Don’t discuss your job search with your co-workers

The easiest way for a secret to become public knowledge is to tell one other person. Even a trusted confidant can accidentally spill the beans. Don’t job hunt while at work and consider any equipment owned by your boss to be off limits to your search. This means, don’t use the company telephone, computer or email address. Don’t even log onto the WIFI at the office.

Schedule interviews outside of work hours

Interviews are always the hardest to negotiate for those already employed. If possible schedule them before or after work, or even at lunchtime. If your prospective employer must see you during office hours, then try and schedule a few in one day and take a personal day. If you do schedule them around work, be mindful of your attire. If you normally dress casually at work, showing up at work in a suit may set off alarm bells. Find some place to do a ‘superman-style’ quick change.




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