Christmas Treats

Christmas is the most stressful time if you are the hostess, if you have kids or if you only have a short amount of time off work. For some women out there, these are all applicable. Here are some tips to get into the Christmas spirit while still finding time to enjoy your self.

  1. Make Slice

Who needs pudding in summer? Tradition can sometimes be a grand thing but if you are the one standing in front of a burning oven in the sweltering conditions of an aussie summer, you may not think so. Make Slice… Caramel, Hedgehog, Brownie… it doesn’t need cooking, it takes so little time and it’s delicious!

  1. Full Tummy, Empty Dishwasher

So often we slave away in the kitchen, eat a delicious meal… and then spend 40 days and nights cleaning it all up. It’s Christmas and you deserve a break. Using paper plates will save you an incredible amount of time, and there are plenty of biodegradable products out there so you won’t have to feel guilty!

  1. Secret Santa

Many families around Australia already do Secret Santa and it’s a boon if you have a large amount of people to buy presents for. Buying one gift instead of 12 will save you an enormous amount of time and money, which you would have probably spent at an overcrowded shopping centre. However, this does need prior organisation and generally excludes little ones, who will be spoilt regardless.




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