Planner for 2018

A new year calls for new focus

The New Year is almost upon us and with it comes the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. The beginning of a new year usually starts with an abundance of New Year’s resolutions which generally crumble within the first few months. An extreme resolution is not the foundation of a good year. To prepare for 2018 being the best working year of your life, take heed of these three things.

1.Invest in a Planner

Yes, most people have planners. But do they use them? Investing in a proper and motivating planner might be the difference in actually getting tasks done. At the beginning of the year write a mantra or reminder at the start of every month, to refresh your motivation towards work.

2.Prioritise Sleep and Exercise

It’s been said over and over but sleeping properly and getting regular exercise will improve every aspect of your life, this includes your work life. You’re mind will be more focused at work and you will feel more driven overall. Sleep and exercise go hand in hand, if you focus on one, the other should come easily.

3.Take Time for Yourself

Success in work doesn’t mean you have to shred your social life to pieces. Down time and social time are vital to your mental health. Not spending every waking moment at work will make you more inclined to enjoy the time you spend there.





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