Get Job Ready


It’s time to fall headlong into working and parenting.

It’s daunting re-entering the workforce after introducing your little one into the world. Here are some tips so it’s a little less scary.

Never Stop Networking

Networking is a key component to professional life in the 21st Century, your co-workers or industry connections are only a click away. While you are on leave stay in touch with your old professional life, even if it’s simply through LinkedIn. Keep in touch and keep informed on what’s happening in your industry to make the transition to being a working mum easier.

Boost your Résumé

There are a few ways to plump up your qualifications and upskill from home. Online courses are flexible and you can study at home in your own time, it can add a welcome addition to your résumé. Alternatively, some positions prefer proficiency in a number of applications which you can familiarise yourself with from home. Download Microsoft Excel or Adobe InDesign and get to know them.


Many mums return to the job they held previously. Whether returning to a full or part-time position you need to be able to communicate to your manager. You are now a working mum, in vastly different territory than you were in last time you were actively working. Keeping open lines of communication can help if you need time off or have an emergency situation.

Be Ready

Above everything, make sure you are mentally ready to jump back into the workforce. Nothing can 100% prepare you for the change in lifestyle, but you can make measures to ensure a smoother transition. Many women return to work on a part-time basis or others are able to work from home for a number of hours a week.




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