Reinventing Personal Brand


When you opt for a career change

It may seem like unnecessary work but reinventing your personal brand is just what you need to kickstart that career change, to turn it from pipe dream to reality. Below are a few jumping off points to get you on the right track.

Think about how you’ve changed

You’re just changing your job title, not your entire identity. Even if your interests have evolved since you began your career, you probably have the same core values, beliefs that defined your personal brand. So those same qualities should stay in your brand. Why are you going through all this work in the first place? Your answer will reveal the personal values and strengths that you’ll need to stress through your personal brand.

Identify and leverage your transferable skills

When you’re trying to twist all your old experiences into “relevant skills” for your new industry, all those projects, clients, and achievements from your old job might feel useless. But they’re going to set your personal brand apart from everyone else in your new industry.

Get Industry appropriate

Since you’re selling your skill set and self to a new audience, you’ll need to tweak your online presence accordingly. Use research and informational interviews to learn the personal branding standards in your new field. Look up influencers in your target industry for some inspiration.



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