Being in the minority doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to succeed

In today’s world, where many industries are still very male-dominated, being able to “make it” as a woman means having to learn how to successfully navigate disproportionately male workplaces. These tips could be relevant for anyone, regardless of gender, who wants to shine in their workplace but is having difficulty doing so due to whatever reasons.

Bond Outside the Office

If the guys seem to be going out for a beer or happy hour after work hours, then join in. You’ll find that a lot of the times, the best career opportunities come outside of the office.

Utilise Your Strengths (even if they’re stereotypes)

if you have certain strengths, such as being a good listener, empathizing, an approachable personality etc. then use them to your advantage. Showing these skills will put you in good stead to be a future leader.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Knowing what you stand for is especially important as a woman, and you should be a person who can be counted on regarding your strong beliefs. In other words, assert yourself and don’t flake out.

Get a Mentor

Ideally, your mentor will be someone you look up to and respect, and with whom you share something in common. As a career mentor alone, this could be someone who you respect within the workplace, and whom you feel comfortable around. Establishing a friendly relationship with them is key, so start establishing relationships with senior leaders, your boss etc. from the very start.


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