How to Wake up At Work


How to make one of lives harder tasks that little bit easier.

The hardest task you’ll complete in your working day is waking up. Well, for some of us. The inevitable motion of dragging yourself out of bed, and going through the hygiene and beauty rituals of the morning seems like enough work. This is eased by the thought that soon, coffee will enter our system and magically transform us into worker bees, eager to get tasks done and happy to be a part of the professional grind.

But what happens when the coffee wears out? And you find yourself slouching in your chair, or using your arm and hand to bare the weight of your head, because it’s all too much and why couldn’t we have stayed in bed!

For those of us who wake up dreaming of coffee, the obvious solution would be to have another coffee… if that’s the path you choose then cut back on the milk and sugar, it will result in a more bitter taste, but will save you from snoozing.

Socialising will keep you moving, if it’s with a newbie or a stranger, even better! It’ll keep you more agile than just conversing to your desk mate.

Take a short break and go outside, direct sunlight should brighten your outlook and liven you up. While these are easy enough steps, shorter methods can be taken, like pulling your hair, splashing water on your face or biting into a lemon…I know, I know, it’s weird right? But a short sharp snap back into reality is all you might need to keep you on task.



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