Is Your Workplace Mentally Healthy?

Everyone has a role to play, both in looking after their own mental health and creating a mentally healthy workplace.

What is a mentally healthy workplace?

A psychologically safe workplace is considered to practice the following key principles:

  • Promote positive practices that support mental health;
  • Seeks out and reduces the risks of psychological harm in the workplace;
  • Providing education and learning opportunities to staff in building resilience to allow staff to thrive at work;
  • Eliminating stigma and discrimination;
  • Providing a supportive workplace environment for injured workers who have sustained physical or psychological injury.

How to check if your workplace is mentally healthy?

Maudsley International’s Happier@work presentation and mental wellbeing checklist say the following three key factors promote and protect mental wellbeing in workers:

enhancing control

  • a sense of control over own workload
  • necessary skills, knowledge and resources to do the job and make healthy choices

increasing resilience

  • a good work-life balance
  • time for reflection
  • peer support
  • line manager support

facilitating participation and promoting inclusion

  • reward and recognition
  • equity and fairness.

For more information check out HeadsUp for more tips and advice to help create a mentally healthy workplace


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