Older women tell you what you need to know Never let fear win You will always have a level of fear in your life. There will always be challenges in front of you. But the sooner you take charge of that energy, the sooner you will find freedom. Empathy is strength Don’t ever think that empathy is a weakness. Your ability to understand others is a strength in any workplace. It gives you an ability to connect with a wide range of people and create a harmonious work environment. Th.... Read More

Keep things moving with these helpful tricks  
  1. Get yourself a portable charger! Charge your phone, tablet, and whatever else as you go. Don’t waste time tapping your foot by a power point. It’s a headache that you don’t need. You’ll always be able to keep it moving
  2. Paint Your Keys Do you spend an ungodly amount of time tossing through your giant ball of keys? Paint your keys different colours with nail polish. You’ll save time and a world of .... Read More

  Venture capitalists invest $1.46 billion in women-led companies every year. Want a piece of the pie? Unfortunately only 5% of start-ups are owned by women. There are many reasons for this, both personal and cultural, but there is certainly an issue surrounding women’s confidence when being adventurous with their careers. Being an entrepreneur is more than simply having a good idea. It is a multi-faceted career path. It requires a diverse set of skills. It’s time to a.... Read More

  Do you need extra motivation? Do you want to feel connected to other women? Need to have a laugh or a cry with women who are just like you? Maybe it’s time to start getting into podcasts. If you don’t already know, the podcast landscape is growing exponentially, with content for almost any subject. And, of course, there are amazing podcasts for women like you. We’ve compiled a list that might be right up your alley!
  1. Switch, Pivot, or Quit This show is hosted b.... Read More

  We spend most of our lives in the workforce pretending we never get our periods, despite half the workforce experiencing it. Most of us never move past the stigma of our monthly visitor. And when we’re bedridden from the pain, often many of us will give another reason for taking a sick day. We don’t want to be seen as dramatic, despite period pain being debilitating for a lot of women. Women’s health issues are often overlooked or their seriousness underestimated in the workpl.... Read More

  It can be easy to go to the same job every day and not look at whether doing so is the right step for you. But don’t become complacent when it comes to your career! You have to ask yourself questions whenever possible to stay on the right trajectory for your life. Whether you are actively looking for new employment, or you’re just starting to mull over the idea, here a few questions you should ask yourself.
  1. Do you feel proud? Does your current posi.... Read More

  We’ve all had those weeks, or months, where things just keep piling up, but you can’t take the time to think about whether or not you’re overwhelmed. You keep on chugging along, because that’s what we are taught to do. You work hard until the tasks in front of you are completed or the big goal has finally been checked off your list. It’s fantastic to have a strong work ethic, none of us can deny that it’s vital for success, but there is a point where ignoring the mounting p.... Read More

  We’ve all had struggles when it comes to balancing life, career, and our kids. And sometimes it’s nice to know that even the fiercest, strongest, and most accomplished of us go through the same. Recently the ever-impressive Serena Williams sent out a little tweet that had working mums nod in recognition. Read More

  Two women have created a service we all need. Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck were two friends that felt themselves overwhelmed by the tasks laid before them every day. We have all been there, and we have all experienced the hair-pulling frustration of having too many things to complete. And while that may be a fact of life from time to time, Marcela and Jessica found that being overwhelmed had become the rule, rather than the exception. So they did something about it! T.... Read More

The state of female mentorship is evolving before our eyes. While the gender of your mentor may not seem relevant for many issues in the world of business, it certainly shouldn’t be discounted entirely. A mentor can become a central figure for any entrepreneur or businesswoman. This is someone that you will confide in, look up to, and celebrate achievements with, but most importantly this person will share with you important tools they’ve learned during their time in their res.... Read More

If you see it, you can be it. And on the days that you’re overwhelmed it’s nice to sit back and look at inspiring women who are kicking goals in their field. If you’re having a bad day, or just need a little bit of extra motivation, here are some quotes from women that can inspire you. “Just go for it. Too often, women have a confidence gap that makes them pause and slow down while men dive in and learn as they go. Just go for it!” Kathleen Murphy, President of Personal Investing - .... Read More

  There is a myth that finding a company that is family-friendly is as possible as stumbling upon a unicorn, but that’s not the case. Every year more and more businesses are realising the importance of having inclusive workspaces. Parents re-entering the workforce are a huge untapped resource that companies are finally waking up to. Whether you’re looking for a place that has great parental leave, job share options, or a flexible work environment, we’ve collected a few of the best..... Read More

  It is common for women who are reentering the workforce to have fear of relevancy or that your skills are outdated and no longer needed. And while technology evolves at a rapid pace there are elements that you bring to the workforce that will always be in demand. It’s easy to succumb to the fear that your skills are somehow less-than; they aren’t. And great workplaces recognise that.
  1. Resliency
All mother’s know what resiliency is. It can’t be taught in.... Read More


Stop over-apologising and put an end to the negativity

As women, we’re conditioned to apologise. Most of us can think of more than a few occasions when we’ve apologised even if we’re not the ones who have been in the wrong, but this kind of over-apologising could be more sinister than you might think. It leads to feeli.... Read More

  When you opt for a career change It may seem like unnecessary work but reinventing your personal brand is just what you need to kickstart that career change, to turn it from pipe dream to reality. Below are a few jumping off points to get you on the right track. Think about how you’ve changed You’re just changing your job title, not your entire identity. Even if your interests have evolved since you began your career, you probably have the same co.... Read More

  Because being a mum is a full-time job   The fact is mums, by necessity, acquire and perfect a whole barrage of highly employable skills and qualities, none of which are usually acknowledged, let alone broadcasted to the world. Below are 5 skills all mothers have but often forget to add to their CV’s Time Management Juggling appointments, afterschool activities, playdates and running a house requires your time management skills to be on point. Empl.... Read More

  Sexual harassment claims are steadily on the rise… in more populated areas The #MeToo movement sparked outrage and action with females on an international scale. More women were coming forward, no longer afraid to speak out. But, somewhere in the progress, small towns were left behind. The fear of a complaint not being kept confidential is allegedly sealing the lips of women in the Northern Territory. The ABC spoke to the NT anti-discrimination commissioner, Sally Seiv.... Read More

  These apps might not do the dinner or school pick-up, but they’ll make it easier   Working women are no strangers to stress. We juggle a multitude of tasks each day, rendering us into tightly strung balls of anxiety. This is not an advice column, and I’m not going to tell you to have a bubble bath or get a massage to ease your woes, because you probably don’t have the time. But, we have have cottoned on to a few apps that can help decrease your stress. .... Read More

  Routine can boost your efficiency in the workplace  The word ‘routine’ is synonymous with ordinary, regular and normal. It’s a boring word and some of us might not like to admit we have an evening or a morning routine. We would prefer to use the term ‘habit’ which is generally defined as hard to give up, linking it in our brains to a ‘bad’ habit. But we’re bringing back routine. Routine = efficiency, if you weren’t already aware. Efficiency means.... Read More

  How anxiety can affect your work life Approximately one in every nine employees will suffer from anxiety at one point in their life. (psychology today) Two thirds of people don’t seek help and the anxiety can impact their levels of productivity and make work life a hell of a lot harder. Most of us get anxious or experience anxiety on a small scale- whether you're gearing up to present to a client and your palms are a little sweaty, or your heart is beating faster than .... Read More

  The do’s and don’ts of searching while employed Job hunting when working full time can be stressful and can easily eat away at what little relaxation time you have. It’s essentially another full-time job. Also, you must keep the fact you’re looking for a new job away from your boss. They may find your replacement before you’re ready to leave. If you’re struggling to find spare time outside your 40-hour work week for browsing through position openings and craf.... Read More

  The working world is teemed with overconfident machismo, and sprinkled with passive aggressive feedback. Not every workplace is like that. Self-doubt is still a big issue even with a supportive work environment. Helene Lerner conducted a survey for her book The Confidence Myth and found that employees, in particular, women, will wait until they are 100% confident before making the decision to ask for a raise, or accepting a new position. Lerner says the issue with this meth.... Read More

  Why bringing lunch to work could save you big time   The words ‘packed lunch’ will either have us reminiscing of counting down until recess when we could peal open our Dunkaroos, or have us moaning at the thought of having to make our lunches, on top of the kids’. Some people only relate it to school, but bringing lunch to work could save you an astounding amount of money, and it’ll probably be more beneficial for your health. Getting up a half hour earl.... Read More

Have you finally decided to join back the workforce after childbirth? If yes, there are a few simple tips which you have to follow. With the help of these steps, not only you will be able to join the workforce quickly but also you will be able to become more efficient as well. We will today share with you some simple tips which you can follow on a regular basis.
  1. Focusing on your strengths:
The 1st and foremost thing which you have to keep in mind is that you .... Read More

Turn your social media platforms into your greatest assets For so many people, it seems like an insane idea to have a personal brand. The truth is, we all already have one. It might not be formal or something we think about all the time, but it is there. So isn’t it time we started investing time into honing into our greatest asset. Below are a few tips to help you create a consistent personal brand. Be yourself When building a personal brand, it can be ea.... Read More

  The jobs market is getting more and more competitive day by day. That is why it is important for you to stand out from the competition. Only when you are able to stand out from the competition, it will become easier for you to get the job. You need to understand that this will not happen overnight. That is why you have to follow a few tips consistently in order to stand out from the competition. We will today share with you four tips which will help you in standing out from the competi.... Read More

That first hour can set up your entire day Despite what your morning routine looks like, how we start our workday is just as important as what we accomplish throughout it. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you get to the office, here’s how to spend your first hour at work to have more control over your mind — and your workload.
  1. Greet your co-workers
Stop to chat with a co-worker about her newborn baby, follow up on your manager’s new.... Read More

  According to Pew Research, Baby Boomers make up one-third of the nation's work force and Gen Xers and Millennials comprise the other two-thirds.  Boomers are going to be working for bosses who are likely younger than their own children. When you're the older worker, how do you handle working for someone who is not only much younger but may have a lot less experience? Here are tips f.... Read More

  List your skills without shame! So you’re looking for a new job, maybe you’re new to the workforce, you’ve taken a break, or are just looking for a different position. It’s time to build a wonderful CV that highlights all your strengths. I’m sure you’re brimming with skills and industry experience. Don’t be shy. Let them know you are focused, intelligent and motivated. Your resume is not the place to be modest, but find the balance and be confident of your.... Read More

  How to keep your CV short, sharp and relevant Finding a new job can be difficult but it helps if you have a tight CV, with relevant experience and shows the employer who you are. Your resume should fit on a single page, for those of you who are new to the workforce or have only had a handful of jobs. Pouring your experience onto a second page should only be done when you have 10+ years of experience in the industry (findspark.com). Making room for the necessary content i.... Read More

  Women’s only workspaces are booming in the #MeToo era Women’s only workspaces are booming in the U.S, with an aim to create a safe and supportive work environment, allowing women to strive for their career goals without the pressure of trying to exceed expectations in a mans world. The Wing is ahead of the pack, ‘a network of co-working and community spaces designed for women’- with three locations in New York and one in Washington DC. The spaces themselves are w.... Read More

  How to spice up your 2018 and your career January and the start of the new year is the time we are all making resolutions. But while we spend hours trying to stick to personal goals, we tend to forget to make ones regarding our work and career. Below are a few out of the box ways to advance your career. Throw a networking party Throwing a low-key networking party alleviates the stress that can sometimes come with more formal events. Uncork some wine, .... Read More

The small number of women in the technology industry is being blamed on a lower percentage of females enrolling in science and maths based subjects while at school. Research has suggested that the recruitment process for technology companies during in-school information sessions might be deterring girls from careers in the tech world. Researchers Professor Shelley Correll and Alison Wynn, a postdoctoral researcher, sent 84 observers to a West Coast college campus in the U.S where 66 compan.... Read More

Kindness makes the world — and the office — go around Workplace relationships can often be fraught — whether there’s someone in your office who never cleans the shared kitchen or that coworker who always leaves the printer jammed, it’s easy for tensions to escalate. But if you want a happy workplace, having at least a diplomatic relationship with your coworkers is of the utmost importance. This doesn’t mean letting them get away with leaving the shared space a mes.... Read More


The simple trick to helping you gain more control over temptation

Staying focused and productive in the workplace always comes with its own series of challenges, and the world we live in is rife with potential distractions. It’s all too easy to put off tasks — even simple ones like clearing out your last few .... Read More

  You’ve been offered a job. Congratulations! Before the excitement and prospect of office dogs overwhelm you, there are a few things to consider. There are the obvious things like decent pay and proper superannuation, but there are also things like supportive leadership and opportunities for growth and development. Does your new job offer everything you need to succeed? Use this checklist to make sure the answer is yes.
  1. Pay and superannuation.... Read More

For the sake of your sanity, just say no If you are a working mom, then you know the weekends can feel like hell. You reach the end of the day Friday, thrilled that the weekend is finally here, and you can enjoy it ... only to rush around like a certifiably insane person and do nothing even close to relaxing. Sure, Saturday and Sunday may be your only time to get things done, but life isn’t supposed to be a never-ending to-do list and no play! You’ve got to strategically shed .... Read More

Everyone has a role to play, both in looking after their own mental health and creating a mentally healthy workplace. What is a mentally healthy workplace? A psychologically safe workplace is considered to practice the following key principles:
  • Promote positive practices that support mental health;
  • Seeks out and reduces the risks of psychological harm in the workplace;
  • Providing education and learning opportunities to staff in building .... Read More

As a career girl, you pack a busy schedule. Add to that if you are a mother who also travels to work. Your schedule might leave you with hardly any scope to take care of yourself. However, this does not mean you should ignore yourself. As Jim Rohn famously said – “Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.” Let’s look at some pointers about how you can keep yourself healthy even when you are working a crazy schedule. Avoid Liquid Calories Cut out .... Read More

  The importance of identifying, reporting and taking action against workplace bullies Most of our lives are taken up by work, the daily grind that allows us to finance the four coffees we need to make it through the day. So, it’s important that while we spend so much time in this one place, we should be happy. While ‘happiness’ is subjective with a plethora of dependent factors, job satisfaction is somewhat easier to define and achieve. Job satisfaction is a combina.... Read More


What to eat to keep you full and focused until lunchtime

Finding time for a healthy, nourishing breakfast might seem like a challenge, but there are plenty of benefits to eating right first thing in the morning. But while it can be hard to think.... Read More


Recognising the signs and learning how to solve the issue

Unfortunately, being taken advantage of at work is an all too common experience, particularly for women. Recognising when it’s happening can be tricky, though, as can knowing what to do when you realise what’s going on. Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage Of There can be plenty of big, obvious signs you’re being taken advantage of, but if you’re .... Read More


Breaking down this tricky concept with some easy ideas

Networking: What Is It?

One of the hottest tips you’ll hear when you’re trying to advance at work is that you should be networking. It’s a vague bit of advice at best, and there are definitely “networks” to avoid if you want to help yourself. Basically, networking boils down to meeti.... Read More

  It’s time to fall headlong into working and parenting. It’s daunting re-entering the workforce after introducing your little one into the world. Here are some tips so it’s a little less scary. Never Stop Networking Networking is a key component to professional life in the 21st Century, your co-workers or industry connections are only a click away. While you are on leave stay in touch with your old professional life, even if it’s sim.... Read More


Tips to follow to bring your resume up to scratch

Now that it’s 2018, we’re finding new and different ways to job hunt, but that doesn’t mean we’ve said goodbye to the humble resume. But the resume of today looks very different to those of the past, so we’ve got some tips to follow if you’re updating your CV for the jobs of the future.

 Read More

  Saving is essential, especially when you’re young and healthy It’s easy to get distracted from saving money, but you’ve just landed your first real job so congratulations. The pressure to be “in” is epidemic to millennials, especially now that our whole lives are basically streamed over Instagram. Millennials is more educated than any generation, we’re still confronted with bigger problems like economic indecision, job insecurity, and student debt. That’s the very reas.... Read More

  Plan a ‘Networking Vacation’ before you move to help put your best foot forward Most employers looking to fill less specialised positions can’t and won’t deal with non-local applicants because (1) they don’t want to pay for your travel expenses, and (2) they don’t want to waste any time interviewing someone that might not move. One good strategy is to create in-person connections. Plan a trip to said city that gives you at least three work days of free time for networ.... Read More

      How will you #PressforProgress   Thursday March 8th marks International Women’s Day and this year we all are urged to #PressforProgress. Motivated by the global #MeToo and #Timesup campaigns, IWD calls for us all act, to not become complacent. The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap report states that gender parity is over 200 years away! If.... Read More

Everyone tells you to ‘find your purpose’ but how do you do that? Although most of the people that I know are relatively satisfied with their current jobs, many are struggling to figure out their purpose and identify what their “dream job” might be. Sound familiar? These questions are designed to help you connect the dots between your interests and your experience and get you closer to realising your purpose—which should be the driving force behind your dream career. Wha.... Read More

You’re entitled to keep a few things private Although in an ideal world, we’d be able to draw a clear line between our home and work lives, the reality is that it’s never that simple. Your boss follows you on Twitter, family members frequently call you at work, and your colleagues constantly overshare or ask prying questions. So where do you draw the line between being sociable at work and keeping your private life private? And how can you do this without seeming like an insensitive j.... Read More

It’s time to stand together and do more when it comes to advocating women in the office. We’ve pulled together five cardinal rules to help you better advocate for the women around you. Because every team experiences the occasional misfire. We may be the better sex, but we’re still only human. RULE 1: I Will Point Out Sexism, No Matter How Ingrained or Seemingly Benign The only way we can end sexism at work is to train ourselves to recognize the most latent forms and c.... Read More


Advice to take to heart if you’re striking out on your own

  There’s a lot of advice floating about out there for entrepreneurs and those looking to venture out on their own business ideas, but it can be hard to know what’s worth following and what’s worth forgetting. Thankfully, some of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs have offered their advice so you know what you should be doing to succeed in your .... Read More

The etiquette rules we should all be following  

Workplace etiquette is always important; don’t eat someone else’s food, never leave the printer jammed or without paper, be mindful of the noise you’re making. It can make or break a workplace relationship, can really impact on the whole dynamic of an office, and can halt workflow in its tracks. Throw an open-plan office into the mix and you have a whole host of new.... Read More

Your first step starts with making a great first impression on your very first day Scoring that first job or internship is a huge accomplishment, so, congratulations! This is your first step towards a great career. However, there are many miles to walk, and your first step starts with making a great first impression on your very first day. Every first impression begins with appearance, so not only do you have to prove that you are professional, you also must look the part. Getting.... Read More

  Can’t remember what you had for breakfast? Your forgetfulness may mean you have a smarter brain A study published in 2017 by researchers at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research found that being forgetful means your brain is automatically processing what is important information (and what isn't). If the brain decides that certain information is irrelevant, it will get rid of it to make room for more substantial information. Tr.... Read More

Everybody’s got to delegate sometimes Everyone is a little fearfully of delegating tasks, we all have the same qualms and insecurities that circulate in our heads the moment we even think about it. This is usually due to: Impatience: "I can do it faster," and "It’ll take me forever to train them." Unwillingness to let go: They just won’t do it right (AKA the way I do it) so why bother? Subconscious fear: They’ll do it better than me and I’ll.... Read More

Time to breathe in and breathe out.   A recent study out of Brown University found that mindfulness meditation, in which the practitioners focus on attending to the present moment without judgement, may have a greater effect on women. The study looked at 77 undergraduate students taking a 12-week course on mindfulness that featured 30 minutes of meditation three times per week. Compared with men, women showed greater decreases in negative affect (including emotions like guilt or ir.... Read More

  We all need a little confidence boost now and then We all have moments in life where we need to exude confidence. Job interviews, presentations and board meeting involve us selling either ourselves or a product. Below are a few quick things you can do to give your confidence a quick pick me up. Fix your physiology: Smile Trick your mind with some stupidly simple physical exercises. All you need do is smile, sit up straight, and strike a power pose. .... Read More

  Working from home can be socially isolating Networking is hard enough even when you don’t work from home. Sure, being a freelance or remote worker comes with many perks. But like most things in like the perks also come with challenges. building your own professional network when you work from home s essential to both your sanity and your career success. Below are a few tips to maximise your networking capabilities. Serve on Non-profit Boards or VolunteerRead More


They don’t take a long but they make a world of difference

If you’re finding yourself in a slump at work and you’re lacking motivation, it might be time to figure out how to implement productive habits into your day. Of course, we don’t all have time for an extensive gym routine, a half hour meditation session, or to journal, but there are small thi.... Read More


Because it isn’t as easy as just switching off your phone

We’re all guilty of checking our work emails after hours, sending off one last text message after 5PM, or spending time on the weekend working on a project for the office. But spending so much time on work isn’t great for our mental health, emotional wellbeing, or our relationships with friends.... Read More


It’s time to start devoting a few more hours to your side projects

Let’s be honest, most of us have more than one thing going at a time. Whether you work multiple jobs, are trying to launch a project on the side, or are studying while working full time, striking a balance and devoting enough time to whatever you’re working on aside from your main sour.... Read More

There are more than a few benefits to a minimalist approach

Minimalism is all the rage right now, and while getting rid of everything you own might not be your idea of fun, there are some decluttering tips we could all benefit from to streamline our lives and our minds.

  1. .... Read More

  Another year has gone by and just like on every other January, it’s time to cue the “new year, new me” memes. Let’s all roll our eyes together. Come the end of any year, we go through the same routine: we do a bit of self-evaluation, we take mental notes of things that we succeeded at and things that didn’t go as planned, and then create a list of overly optimistic and somewhat unachievable new year resolutions that we hardly ever follow through to completion. We can.... Read More

  Because we all need a little self-esteem boost from time to time Let’s be honest, confidence doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Even on the best of days, it can be hard to find the confidence we need for certain situations, and while building your self-esteem might not happen overnight, we’ve got a few tips that will help you exude confidence in an instant.
  1. Smile When you’re at your most nervous, smiling might seem like the .... Read More

  To maximise your time and efficiency Today’s women are CEO’s of tech companies; they are starring in their own TV shows; and they are managing directors at investment banks. Time management and “on the go” have become increasingly important, with our smartphones at the centre. Below are 5 great apps to help streamline and improve your life:
  1. Dropbox:
If there is a great way of sharing files, documents, photographs and presentations.... Read More


How people in all four corners of the globe will be celebrating come December 31st.

In Denmark The Danes start their New Year with a bang of a different sort; as a gesture of good will, you’re expected to smash plates and glassware against the houses of friends, family, and neighbours.Read More

Christmas is the most stressful time if you are the hostess, if you have kids or if you only have a short amount of time off work. For some women out there, these are all applicable. Here are some tips to get into the Christmas spirit while still finding time to enjoy your self.
  1. Make Slice
Who needs pudding in summer? Tradition can sometimes be a grand thing but if you are the one standing in front of a burning oven in the sweltering conditions of an au.... Read More

Put your feet up and have a Merry Christmas. Christmas is at our doorstep and for most working women we only get a week off. It’s now time to juggle family time, Christmas organising and festive activities all at once. Here are a few ways to have a more relaxing Christmas. 1.Find Time for Yourself This is first because it’s the most important. Finding time for yourself doesn’t mean stressing out and trying to do everything by yourself, it means making y.... Read More

  The worldwide phenomenon of confused men It’s time for the work Christmas party, but one gender is confused on the protocol: men. The New York Times explored men’s ‘confusion’ on the conversation of workplace harassment. The article details that Christmas is a ‘confusing season for America’s working men’. The piece reflects on men’s constant worry of making a wrong move or doing something that could have consequences. Christmas parties are big in Austr.... Read More

The fatal flaw with New Year's resolutions — and most goal-setting, for that matter — is that we typically bite off more than we can chew. We're not setting realistic goals. As such, we end up disappointed and, often, with a forgotten resolution by the time February rolls around. Finding that crucial balance between work and social life something everyone struggles with. If you’re a single gal finding time to schedule personal time, appointments, brunch with the girls and dating. If you.... Read More


Don’t let your day job compromise your health.

It can be hard enough trying to fit exercise into your day at the best of times, but when you’re working a desk job, it’s even harder to squeeze in fitness. Given the health risks that come with sitting at a desk all day, including heightening our risk of obesity and back pain, we’ve rounded up the best, easy exercises you can d.... Read More

Mothers gain some great qualities through motherhood that can be applied to the working world. Motherhood and work life tied together can get a bad rap, but in reality, mothers make fantastic employees. Through motherhood many great qualities are gained, or grown, that can be applied to the working world. Here are some reasons why mothers make great employees.  Multi-tasking Becomes Second Nature As a study by Read More


How just ten minutes can change your whole day

Raise your hand if you have trouble finding time for yourself. It can seem impossible to just find a handful of minutes where you can enjoy some peace, quiet, and solitude, but we all need those moments to recuperate and recover. We’ve covered the reasons why should be making time for yourself, and the best ways to get it, even if it’s .... Read More

  Searching for jobs can be a frustrating endeavour. It’s a nerve-wracking decision, a strain on your finances and an anxious wait for responses from potential employers. It’s no wonder that job hunters get a little stir-crazy. Here’s a few things you can do to break up the job search without feeling guilty for wasting time or money.
  • Decide what you want and how you can get there. Will this role bridge you to your dream position or are you trying to sk.... Read More

  With the average professional these days usually only staying in one job for around four years, it’s likely that you’ve considered jumping careers at some point in your life.  With the average professional these days usually only staying in one job for around four years, it’s likely that you’ve considered jumping careers at some point in your life. But whether or not you want some long-term stability in your new role or are just looking to try something ne.... Read More

  The survival guide to wearing high heels with confidence and comfortability. We all admire those chic women in Louboutin pumps who effortlessly float across the street. Equally, we all adore that fabulous friend or co-worker who gracefully flies through the day, night, and weekend in her stunning stilettos. Yet, witnessing a woman stumble in sky-high peep-toes can be like watching a baby giraffe awkwardly take its first steps. This painstaking picture is a real reminder of .... Read More

  Business women and professionals alike have been living under the impression that stress and tension are inevitable and unsolvable parts of life. And so, they spend large sums of money on treatments that don’t work and go through their days unfulfilled and unhappy, all under the impression that stress is a permanent fixture in life. But this is far from the truth. Stress doesn’t have to linger at the back of your mind all day, or rear its ugly head every time a difficult situ.... Read More

  “There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Christopher Morley
  1. Honour your Boundaries
Many women struggle with boundaries. We don’t know where to set them. We don’t want to seem pushy. We don’t want to upset anyone. We want to keep everyone happy. Boundaries matter because they protect what’s important: you! After you decide what you really want, set and en.... Read More

It seems as though there’s always a new headline about what we should or shouldn’t be eating, so much so that keeping up with food fads can seem like a full-time job. But there is some pretty definitive science about what we should actually be eating, not just for a healthy body, but also for a healthy mind. The food we eat, and the diet we maintain, play a huge role in both our long-term brain and mental health. Consuming the foods listed below won’t just make you feel better, but will as.... Read More

  A quarter of young women have admitted to feeling unsafe when travelling alone in ride-sharing services, what’s being done to stop this? We all know that getting home after a night out is much easier when we opt for a ride-sharing service. And while this way of getting home is usually a lot more convenient and cheaper, the rise in assaults that are occurring to people that use these services is alarming. In the past 12 months, nine drivers from ride-sharing services ha.... Read More