Plan a ‘Networking Vacation’ before you move to help put your best foot forward

Most employers looking to fill less specialised positions can’t and won’t deal with non-local applicants because (1) they don’t want to pay for your travel expenses, and (2) they don’t want to waste any time interviewing someone that might not move.

One good strategy is to create in-person connections. Plan a trip to said city that gives you at least three work days of free time for networking. About four weeks prior to your visit (and eight weeks prior to your move date), schedule as many informational interviews and networking events into those three days as you can. You’ll want to reserve people’s time far in advance to make sure you make the most of your “networking vacation.”

Find people via LinkedIn, friends and contracts of friends that work within companies you’re interested in pursuing, during your conversations, feel free to be open about your plans to move to that city and will be on the job hunt soon.

Now that you have made a slew of connections, follow up with each person to thank them for their time, tactfully ask them to keep you in mind in case they hear of any new job opportunities, and attach your resume. You may or may not have interviews lined up by the time you move, but whatever the case, you have given yourself a head start.



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