Sexual harassment claims are steadily on the rise… in more populated areas

The #MeToo movement sparked outrage and action with females on an international scale. More women were coming forward, no longer afraid to speak out. But, somewhere in the progress, small towns were left behind. The fear of a complaint not being kept confidential is allegedly sealing the lips of women in the Northern Territory.

The ABC spoke to the NT anti-discrimination commissioner, Sally Seivers, who says that the culture in small Northern Territory towns could be the reason they aren’t expecting a rise in official workplace harassment complaints in the next report.

Seivers says this could be for a number of reasons, during her visits to workplaces she was made aware that many working women were unaware of what constitutes sexual harassment. All workplaces are supposed to have a process for confidential complaints and a big issue stopping women from complaining is having knowledge of that process, with many unsure whether the information will be kept confidential.


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