Networking From Home


Working from home can be socially isolating

Networking is hard enough even when you don’t work from home. Sure, being a freelance or remote worker comes with many perks. But like most things in like the perks also come with challenges. building your own professional network when you work from home s essential to both your sanity and your career success. Below are a few tips to maximise your networking capabilities.

Serve on Non-profit Boards or Volunteer

Serving on a non-profit board will give you a seat at the table next to entrepreneurs, CEOs, community leaders, investors, etc., basically everyone you want to have in your professional networking arsenal. Your fellow board members will also get to see your work, leadership and initiative first hand, which only means good things for you.

Stay Connected to Your Alma Mater

Just because you graduated and moved on from university doesn’t mean it’s not still a part of your life. That school will always be part of your identity if you want it to be, and the opportunities for alumni to stay involved are endless.

Find Some Work from Home “Co-workers”

There are many coworking office spaces all over the world for remote workers where you can get out of your house, work from designated office spaces, and mingle with fellow freelancers and remote workers. This network will understand your remote work struggles and be great resources if you ever have a question or issue.



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