New Year (Hearld Net)


How people in all four corners of the globe will be celebrating come December 31st.

In Denmark
The Danes start their New Year with a bang of a different sort; as a gesture of good will, you’re expected to smash plates and glassware against the houses of friends, family, and neighbours.

In Brazil

Start the year off on the right foot by wearing all white clothes, done in an attempt to ward off evil spirits come January 1st.

In Chile

For prosperity in the year to come, Chileans eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight, and walk around with money in the bottom of their shoe.

In The Philippines

Filipino culture says that round objects are tied to prosperity, so many people will wear polka dots on NYE, and carry around coins in their pockets.

In Scotland

Scottish tradition dictates that you should try to be the “first foot” through a loved one’s door at midnight, arriving with gifts and small tokens like whiskey and bread as well wishes. 

In Japan

In temples all around Japan, the bells will ring 108 times to welcome in the new year. It makes for a bold, noisy celebration!

In South Africa

If you’re in Johannesburg, you best look up come midnight; it’s become common for people to do a clear out of their house, throwing old furniture and appliances from their windows on NYE.


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