Reap The Rewards Of More Self-Control


The simple trick to helping you gain more control over temptation

Staying focused and productive in the workplace always comes with its own series of challenges, and the world we live in is rife with potential distractions. It’s all too easy to put off tasks — even simple ones like clearing out your last few emails — off for hours or days at a time. If this sounds like you, then, like most of us, you’re probably lacking a bit of self-control.

We all know the stresses that procrastination and putting off work can cause. Whether it leads to a massive build-up of tasks you have to slog through on Friday or a stressful Monday morning trying to get on top of everything before the working week starts, there’s really not much of a benefit to putting work off. But trying to break habits like this is easier said than down.

Thankfully, there’s a remarkably simple way to turn your procrastination into productivity. Exerting more self-control over your work is about changing your mindset; specifically, you need to start thinking about how a decision would benefit you in the long run rather than thinking of the immediate gratification procrastination may offer.

While it might be more fun to spend fifteen minutes scrolling through Facebook than answering your emails, you’ll be thanking yourself when you can get out the door fifteen minutes earlier on Friday evening. Given the temptation of instant gratification, it might be a hard behaviour to change, but by exerting this self-control you’ll be able to reap the rewards of more time to yourself and hours better spent.


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