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Your first step starts with making a great first impression on your very first day

Scoring that first job or internship is a huge accomplishment, so, congratulations! This is your first step towards a great career. However, there are many miles to walk, and your first step starts with making a great first impression on your very first day.

Every first impression begins with appearance, so not only do you have to prove that you are professional, you also must look the part. Getting ready for the first day can be nerve-wracking, but with a little help, you will pass this test with flying colours, so let’s start with the basics.

  1. Do your homework

Before you dive in, do some research and find out what the company’s dress code is. Some have a strict business code where others are business casual. This way you avoid showing up under or overdressed. You want to blend in, not stand out in a negative way.

  1. Dress for the job you want

Investing in high quality, high fashion garments is one of the smartest things you can do. When you invest in timeless pieces, you are not simply wearing clothes. You are making a powerful statement and sending a message that will result in a fantastic lasting impression. Remember dress for the job you wan in five years, not the one you have now.

  1. When in doubt – be smart

Trends come and go, but smart attire is everlasting. You can never go wrong with a well-tailored pair of pants or a knee length pencil skirt. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics for blouses and shirts, they aren’t breathable. As for colour palette, follow the style guidelines of minimalism and go monochromatic. Navy, white, beige, black and grey and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Keep your uniqueness

Even in a professional environment you can still express your style personality. It’s all about the accessories. A bold choice of handbag is an easy way yet avoid animal prints, and clutches are not appropriate. Your footwear should be a mixture of comfort and elegance. Think leather flats, loafers, and pumps with a block/thicker heel. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, think simple locket or necklace.


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