Why bringing lunch to work could save you big time


The words ‘packed lunch’ will either have us reminiscing of counting down until recess when we could peal open our Dunkaroos, or have us moaning at the thought of having to make our lunches, on top of the kids’. Some people only relate it to school, but bringing lunch to work could save you an astounding amount of money, and it’ll probably be more beneficial for your health.

Getting up a half hour earlier to ensure your lunch is sorted is extremely unappealing, but eating the right lunch not only saves you the cost of a bought lunch, but curbs the 3pm hunger, and saves you snacking money too.

Eating a leftover meal or a meal you’ve put effort into preparing generally ensures you are consuming veggies for lunch, a food group that often gets ignored in a purchased midday meal. Veggies are a staple of most evening meals, so a solution to saving morning hassle is making more the night before.

If you aren’t buying lunch, then the chances are you aren’t going to slip out for that extra coke or chocolate bar that’s conveniently at the counter. Sacrificing a purchased lunch means you aren’t tempted to spend more of your money on unnecessary extras. And the prices of vending machine chocolate at the office also assists with your self-control…

All in all, the benefits of a packed lunch outweigh the hassle of a marginally earlier morning. While $10 may seem cheap, buying lunch everyday could cost you nearly $2000 over the course of a year. The key is being prepared, by waking up earlier or making extra the night before. Reminding yourself why you are doing it, along with the benefits it brings, will make it easier to get out of bed for that earlier alarm.


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