How just ten minutes can change your whole day

Raise your hand if you have trouble finding time for yourself. It can seem impossible to just find a handful of minutes where you can enjoy some peace, quiet, and solitude, but we all need those moments to recuperate and recover. We’ve covered the reasons why should be making time for yourself, and the best ways to get it, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

The Why

Demanding time alone may feel selfish, but it comes with a lot of benefits. Solitude gives you the chance to know and understand yourself better, meaning you can make better choices in your relationships. Without distractions, your productivity and concentration will increase, and you have the opportunity to work through any problems in your mind without a constant input of new, distracting information coming in.

Best of all, taking time out for yourself gives you the chance to reboot your mind and unwind, putting you in a better headspace for the rest of your day.

The How

  • If it works with a healthy sleep schedule, try to start getting up earlier. An extra ten minutes in the morning gives you time to start your day gently, and gives you the chance for a cup of coffee in silence.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode for an hour. You’ll be more productive without it buzzing next to you, and it gives you a chance to catch up on work, have a nap, mediate, or just relax.
  • Meditate before bed. Meditation may bring about images of drawn out practices, but there are plenty of apps that offer 10 minute bursts of meditation to rejuvenate you.


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