Confident Women


The working world is teemed with overconfident machismo, and sprinkled with passive aggressive feedback. Not every workplace is like that. Self-doubt is still a big issue even with a supportive work environment.

Helene Lerner conducted a survey for her book The Confidence Myth and found that employees, in particular, women, will wait until they are 100% confident before making the decision to ask for a raise, or accepting a new position. Lerner says the issue with this method is that the brief window of opportunity can pass.

So here are some bad habits to say goodbye to and some tips you can get on board with.

Perfectionism- Stop right now. Perfectionists and high-performers can but an unwarranted amount of pressure on themselves at work. This leads to the feeling of failure if they don’t achieve their goals. Lerner says, “Our best is good enough.”

A Fear of Failure can be a good thing- everyone wants to get it right the first time. But failure is what leads to improvements and innovation. So this is why we need to Take Risks, without them, life is mundane. Risks don’t have to mean you need to go skydiving, or wear something short to work. Risks in the workplace can make the difference when a promotion is up for grabs.

Self-awareness- It’s a game changer where confidence is concerned. You need to be able to identify what’s stopping you from being confident, once you’re aware, it’s easier to take measures to either change habits or avoid situations.

Workplace confidence can increase your job satisfaction and boost your productivity. Stop the self-doubt, don’t take heed of passion aggression, be your self, and don’t apologise for it.




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