Pay Gap

What you need to know about the gap that’s haunting working women across the globe.

The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between men and women’s earnings. This is presented as a percentage of men’s earnings. The current Australian gender pay gap is 15.3%.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency uses data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to calculate the figure. Australia’s pay gap has been fluctuating between 15% and 19% for the past 20 years. The Gap has been closing slowly, but women are still $26,000 worse off than men.

Hannah and Eliza Reilly of ABC’s Growing Up Gracefully recently created a comedic song in relation to the gender pay gap. The song focuses around the amount of working hours that females are doing and how much they’re actually getting paid for it.

They take the gender pay gap away from an 8-hour working day, concluding that if Australian women were getting paid for their time, they would be finishing their working day at 3:34pm.



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