The Perks Of Positivity

Kindness makes the world — and the office — go around

Workplace relationships can often be fraught — whether there’s someone in your office who never cleans the shared kitchen or that coworker who always leaves the printer jammed, it’s easy for tensions to escalate. But if you want a happy workplace, having at least a diplomatic relationship with your coworkers is of the utmost importance. This doesn’t mean letting them get away with leaving the shared space a mess or being inconsiderate, but there are a few small things you can do to show gratitude to your colleagues and make your office a better place to be.

  1. Thank Them Personally
    If a coworker has helped you out with something work related, be sure to thank them properly. If they’ve taken time out of their day to give you a hand with something, make sure to mention exactly what you’re grateful for, rather than just an off-handed, “Thanks.”
  2. Tell The Boss
    Sometimes, our coworkers go above and beyond to help us out. If someone in the office has helped you score a new client or given you a hand with a difficult situation, you should let your boss know how much of a team player they are. Your boss will appreciate the honesty and you’ll be creating a more positive, cooperative environment.
  3. Offer Public Recognition
    Promote a culture of cooperation by letting others in the office know how much you’ve appreciated a coworker’s assistance. Whether it’s a conversation you share with another coworker or a quick thank you in a team meeting, don’t let someone’s efforts be forgotten by the rest of the office. It’ll show you’re a team player, too.


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