The Wing


Women’s only workspaces are booming in the #MeToo era

Women’s only workspaces are booming in the U.S, with an aim to create a safe and supportive work environment, allowing women to strive for their career goals without the pressure of trying to exceed expectations in a mans world.

The Wing is ahead of the pack, ‘a network of co-working and community spaces designed for women’- with three locations in New York and one in Washington DC. The spaces themselves are works of art, each with a different style but all with femme décor as well as a healthy splash of their signature blush pink.

The Wing is making noise through fundraising, with an incredible $40 million U.S, including investment from WeWork, a co-working and office space giant, with locations in Australia.

The Wing is setting itself up for an incredibly bright future, the company host’s events at each of their locations and has even published a magazine. This company is setting a golden example for those across the globe endeavouring to create safe working communities for women, where they feel valued.


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