Two women have created a service we all need.

Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck were two friends that felt themselves overwhelmed by the tasks laid before them every day. We have all been there, and we have all experienced the hair-pulling frustration of having too many things to complete. And while that may be a fact of life from time to time, Marcela and Jessica found that being overwhelmed had become the rule, rather than the exception. So they did something about it!

They created Hello Alfred while studying at Harvard. For a weekly fee the service offers a personal assistant to the user to run small errands and concierge services, freeing up time to do other things. As it states on their site, “Time shouldn’t be a luxury. We built Alfred to create time for people to do what they love.”

Unlike the current trend of other high-profile sharing services offered, it was important for both Marcela and Jessica to classify their ‘Alfreds’ as employees, meaning they earn a reasonable wage and have access to healthcare. This is rare in the industry and shows a conscious effort from the two creators to create a safe and productive workplace.

These women have created a hugely successful enterprise that is not only allowing its users to reduce stress in their lives, but they have also created a positive and employee-focused business. We can all find inspiration in that.



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