According to Pew Research, Baby Boomers make up one-third of the nation’s work force and Gen Xers and Millennials comprise the other two-thirds.  Boomers are going to be working for bosses who are likely younger than their own children. When you’re the older worker, how do you handle working for someone who is not only much younger but may have a lot less experience? Here are tips for working with a younger boss.

Watch Your Body Language

Your less experienced boss may make suggestions that you’re 99 percent sure won’t work. Resist the urge to roll your eyes. It’s annoying when your kids do it and it’s annoying when you do it. You may be right, but you need to keep your body language in check.

Watch Your Language

Avoid saying things like when I was your age, I’ve been doing this since before you were born, and anything similar. You don’t want to draw attention to the age differences, and you don’t want to act like you’re superior because you’re older. You may be superior. Your boss is still the boss.

Assume Your Boss Is the Right Person for The Job

Even if you don’t have more work experience, you have more life experience. That doesn’t mean that your Millennial boss isn’t the right person for the job of the boss. When your boss makes changes, don’t resist the change. Don’t push back unless you have solid reasons.

Keep It Professional

You have a lot of life experience, as well as professional experience. Resist the urge to help her out with that stuff. She has parents she can go to for adult advice. Additionally, don’t let yourself fall into the role of department mother or father. Nobody gives the good projects to the mom.

Don’t Try and Be Cool

If you’re naturally cool – awesome – but don’t try to act like a 25-year-old when you’re 45. It comes across as unprofessional and silly.



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