Keep things moving with these helpful tricks


  1. Get yourself a portable charger!
    Charge your phone, tablet, and whatever else as you go. Don’t waste time tapping your foot by a power point. It’s a headache that you don’t need. You’ll always be able to keep it moving
  2. Paint Your Keys
    Do you spend an ungodly amount of time tossing through your giant ball of keys? Paint your keys different colours with nail polish. You’ll save time and a world of frustration.
  3. Join
    You will be able to plan, organize, and track both yourself and your team. Make sure everyone is doing what needs to be done. Cut down time on all of those countless follow-up emails.
  4. Outsource your Groceries
    You don’t need to be wasting time after work perusing the shelves at your local supermarket. Prepare your weekly shopping list and get it delivered to your house. It is quick and easy. Most major supermarket chains provide it. And if you want even more help, companies such as HelloFresh and MarleySpoon provide fantastic weekly meal plans!
  5. Direct Debit as much as you can
    You don’t need to stress about whether or not you paid last month’s gas bill. Get it sorted automatically. We live in 2018, and it’s high time you direct debit as many things that you can.



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