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How to spice up your 2018 and your career

January and the start of the new year is the time we are all making resolutions. But while we spend hours trying to stick to personal goals, we tend to forget to make ones regarding our work and career. Below are a few out of the box ways to advance your career.

Throw a networking party

Throwing a low-key networking party alleviates the stress that can sometimes come with more formal events. Uncork some wine, invite a few of your favourite people making sure they invite two more guests each. The goal here is to connect with women in unexpected ways and expanding your circle is always a good move.

Expand your skill set

Resume looking a little dusty? Spice it up with a new skill. You can learn without struggling to fit classes into your busy schedule by taking online classes. The beauty of online classes is the independence that comes with them. You can choose what to study, independent of your learning history or experience. You decide if you want a certificate or just want to take the class to build your skillset. In effect, you get to call all the shots.

Get a membership

Museum memberships are a great way to expand your mind and acquaintances. Many memberships come with access to special lectures, chats with curators, exclusive events and members only openings, which are great opportunities for networking.



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