Updating Your Resume In 2018:


Tips to follow to bring your resume up to scratch

Now that it’s 2018, we’re finding new and different ways to job hunt, but that doesn’t mean we’ve said goodbye to the humble resume. But the resume of today looks very different to those of the past, so we’ve got some tips to follow if you’re updating your CV for the jobs of the future.

 DO think about design and formatting

We live in an era where aesthetics and design are of the utmost importance, and they can also help your CV stand out in a crowd. Gone are the days of the bland resume; keep it simple, but sleekly designed, with the important parts like your name and section headings bolded to draw the eye.

Top Tip: Use a font other than Times New Roman, but make sure it’s easily legible.

DO include links to online accounts

If you haven’t already made one, set yourself up a LinkedIn, then include this link on your resume. Keep this up at the top of your resume so employers can follow it easily. If you’re applying for a job where other accounts — like Twitter and Instagram — are relevant, add these, too.

Top Tip: Use your LinkedIn to expand on your resume and add in the extra details you might’ve omitted on your resume.

DO be selective and specific

Employers have to read through hundreds of resumes, so do yourself a favour and omit the rambling. Choose very specific and valuable examples of your skills and responsibilities to make your point.

Top Tip: Provide statistics and hard evidence wherever you can to prove your abilities rather than making the employer go looking.



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