Routine can boost your efficiency in the workplace

 The word ‘routine’ is synonymous with ordinary, regular and normal. It’s a boring word and some of us might not like to admit we have an evening or a morning routine. We would prefer to use the term ‘habit’ which is generally defined as hard to give up, linking it in our brains to a ‘bad’ habit. But we’re bringing back routine. Routine = efficiency, if you weren’t already aware. Efficiency means ‘achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense’. It’s definitely a word you want to use on your resume.

What are some good habits to imbed into your routine? Wake up at the right time. This doesn’t mean getting up hours before work, if you aren’t a morning person, that’s hard to change. But at least make sure you hit the hay early enough to give yourself a full nights rest. Morning routines are the most vital in order to get you in the right mind frame for work. Not everything will go your way, and your car keys will sometime be in impossible places. This is where time management skills can come into play, a small change in habits, like wearing a watch or using a diary and gradually improve your time-efficiency and make you more aware of how you are using each hour.

Eat your goddam breakfast. This handy tip has been bashed around long enough that people shouldn’t be skipping the most important meal of the day! When you’ve grasped this incredibly simple tip, you will immediately see the beneficial results to your work.

Some people sort their lives out with lists, while others play some tunes to get them in a good morning mood, however the best advice is to learn from the past. No morning routine is perfect, and some mornings are going to test you. All you have to do is learn from it. If you missed the train by two minutes yesterday, get up, eat your breakfast, do your hair and be there ten minutes earlier today.


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