Workplace Mentor

The three most important things to look for when searching for a mentor.

As women, it’s important we work to hold each other up in the workplace, and one of the best ways we can support each other is through mentoring one another. If you’re looking to advance yourself at work, finding a mentor to help advise and lead you is a great idea, and it’s important to hone in on what would make them an ideal workplace mentor.

  1. They’re someone you look up to already

If you’ve admired someone’s work and if they’ve followed a career trajectory you’d like to emulate, they might be someone you should try and reach out to so you can pick their brain. Having professional respect for someone will make all the difference when it comes to following their advice. 

  1. You can work well together

Nothing is going to impede you faster than having a mentor who you can’t work with. Make sure you’ve got similar values, similar work ethic, and a compatible working style with the person you want as your mentor. Otherwise, you could find yourself butting heads and impeding your own career progression and workplace happiness.

  1. They’re happy in their career

If the person you’re looking to as a mentor is unhappy in their career, do you really want them to guide you? You want to follow the lead of someone who is happy where they are and who is going to offer advice to make you similarly content to have reached your goals.



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